The functional resume focuses on traits and areas of expertise, as opposed to a traditional resume that highlights dates, timing and professional experience. A functional resume can be prose and bullet heavy because its purpose is to reveal information about skill. This can be content written to highlight expertise in customer service, sales accomplishments, or accounting experience. The format is considered excellent for letting hiring managers know about experiences that may not be directly related to the interested position, but demonstrates the versatility and background to fill the slot.

An example would be a sales representative applying for a job in accounting. The functional resume would delineate skills in record keeping, customer service, sales, communication and financial services. The functional resume can certainly list previous employment, but it would emphasize learned skill as opposed to dates. For an example of a well-crafted functional resume, browse the materials and resources here at ResumeHelp. There will be a range of tools for deciding if you need a functional resume and the best ways to go about creating one.

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