You’ve been laboring over your resume a long time now, and you’re thinking it may be time to let go and roll the dice. So how can you tell when it’s time to stop agonizing and submit your application? If you can answer yes to these five questions, the time is now.

Was Your Target Opportunity Posted Recently?

Check the job post for a date. If the employer posted the job less than 24 hours ago, you still have time to tweak and edit your resume, and you should use this time instead of rushing to submit an incomplete, slap-dash application. But if the job post is more than three days old, act now. These employers may be losing interest in new submissions, and an imperfect resume will be better than none at all. Maintaining a template resume that can be quickly adjusted to suit a new opportunity is a great way to be ready no matter how fast you must act.

Is Your Resume Free of Typos and Mechanical Errors?

A resume with typos is like a runner with his shoelaces tied together. No matter how athletic and trained he may be, he just isn’t going to get that far. Take a moment to untie those laces and give your resume a chance to win the race.

Does Your Resume Give Adequate Attention to Your Most Relevant Experience or Accomplishment?

Choose just one credential from your past that you would consider the most relevant to this position. Is this credential outlined clearly in your application? If so, you’re on the right track, even if you’ve overlooked a few lesser details and missed one or two small opportunities to shine.

Does Your Resume Impress?

You’ve shown your document to friends and family, and you’ve received some unqualified positive feedback right? If not, take another look. And if you haven’t shown your resume to anyone yet, take this step before you let go. If you’ve gone through and ticked off all of the items on this list, congratulations, you have left nothing to chance and you can forget about rolling the dice. If you’d like to make further improvements or you’re ready to tweak your resume to tailor it to another opportunity, Resume Builder is the fast and easy way to do it.

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